Mating Habits Of The Nicotine Fiend

I found myself in the watering holes of Rochdale on Saturday. Luckily, they proved up to the task, with only The Reed letting the side down by running out of Cocker Hoop. Come mid evening and I was enjoying the beers in the Regal Moon. This is a very large Wetherspoons handily placed for the bus station. As Wetherspoons go, it’s good, with an enviable selection of beers. And so large, that even on a Saturday night in a one horse town like Rochdale, there were seats going spare. Which brings us to the social habits of the modern smoker.

After spotting a likely booth, I settled down for an evening of interesting conversation. Now there were full drinks on the table, but this being busy Spoons, I didn’t think anything of it. As it turns out, there was also a note amongst the clutter, which went unnoticed. Unnoticed that is until two shivering smokers returned and pointed it out. I was somewhat surprised by this and wondered if it’s now common practice. They were very trusting (or naive) to leave two full drinks on a Saturday night in a Wetherspoons. If they do need to go for a nicotine fix together, surely it would be better to empty most of their drinks first? Or go in-between drinks? Since there were spare tables, including some nearer the smoking area, there didn’t seem any need to “reserve” a table. Unless they had a favourite Wetherspoons table. Which would be just downright weird.

As an aside, when peopItalicle complain about late night TV being all crap, they’re just not staying up late enough. Despite a long day’s drinking, an ill-advised late curry and a very late whisky finale in Bury, I found myself unable to sleep. Now there was a fair amount of rubbish on, but there, at 330am, was a diamond in the rough-Hill St Blues. Quality is quality at any time.


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