My Kingdom For A Snow Plough

How we chuckled today. Mighty London coming to a standstill because of snow. Chief Village Idiot, I mean, Mayor of London, Bonking Boris, came out with some belting excuses as to why it couldn’t be helped. Basically it would cost money and, after all, it’s not his job to improve people’s lives. Still, presumably the numpties who voted for him realised that, so as the old maxim goes, you get the government you deserve. Needless to say, oop North, the buses ran and the pubs were open. What more can you ask for?


Paul Garrard said…
East Anglia seemed to be working okay. Londoners don't seem to cope with nature that well in my experience!
London's buses even kept running even through the worst days of the Blitz, the pea-soupers and umpteen terrorist bombings.

Our enemies should just use a snow machine.
jocko said…
The last time we needed snowplows in London was 18 years ago.Didnt stop me going to the pub the blitz spirit lives on.

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