Oh Danny Boy(le)

Congratulations to local boy made good, Danny Boyle. He still pops back to visit his dad in Radcliffe, although I suspect his days of popping in to St Mary’s Social Club for an anonymous pint are over. Town Hall bosses are thinking of awarding him a civic honour. Quite right, but I’d like to see Danny Boyle Way, or some such accolade. There’s more than enough places with lorded gentry connections and every second thing has “Derby” in the title.

He’s a cousin of my niece’s husband, but sadly they never kept in contact. So I wasn’t at the official drink fest and had to make do with one of the unofficial ones. I had a case of Brewdog to keep me busy, but it being a special occasion, I kicked off with Stone’s Ruination IPA. This 7.7% IPA heavyweight combines Columbus and Centennial for some serious hop action. It measures over 100 on the IBU scale and certainly gives your palate a battering. Excellent for overwhelming the senses and/or cutting through a good curry.


Thom said…
I have bottle of this in my stash. Time to break it out, I reckon, but 100 IBUs? It'll strip the enamel from my teeth.
sammy said…
If you don't like hops, don't drink Ruination IPA!
Paul said…
Where's the best place to pick up imported American beer like this? I don't exactly have a beer shop like Copenhagen's Ølbuttiken nearby here in rural Lancashire.
Tyson said…

Whereabouts are you based?
Paul said…
Nearest city is Preston.
Tyson said…

If you can get to Preston, try the Real Ale Shop on Lovat Road. They've got a good beer selection.

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