Sticking It To The Man

The row over Oldham’s favourite nightclub, Tokyo rages on. After its successful “January Sale” £5.99 booze till you puke promotion, it has plans to do the same for February. Why change a winning formula? Apoplectic authoritarian figures have been left gritting their teeth as it’s all above board. All the puking, fighting etc took place outside the club with apparently no trouble inside.

And it has found an unlikely champion in local top cop, Caroline Bell. Chief Superintendent Bell has been quoted as saying “irresponsible reporting' of the drinks offer had made the problem worse.” I’m sure that’s true. Apparently they turned away 250 out-of-towners last Friday. Would this problem have arisen if the Daily Liar and other newspapers had not given them so much free PR? I doubt it. After all, usually people are in a hurry to get out of Oldham, not hiring a coach to get them there.

But Tokyo is not the only place bucking the trend and seeing alcohol sales boom. Seems guests of Her Majesty’s pleasure are also enjoying more of their illicit hooch. Anne Owers, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons has warned of an “epidemic of alcohol misuse” unless steps are taken. Don’t hold your breath-this government’s idea of policy is draft a new law (average one a day since 1997), jail more people, release more people early as jails are full, draft a new law etc etc. When you think of it, gaol is the natural place for a booze up. No worries about last orders and not far to stagger to your bed. However, it’s not all a bed of homemade potato vodka. Seems the credit crunch is hitting prisoners as well, with the price of a shot now up to 3 ciggies. How long before Wetherspoons opens its first jail outlet???


liam said…
If things continue as they are,pretty soon we'll all be criminalised and banged up for just thinking about drinking.

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