A Taste Foir Thwaites

Tuesday night saw a disparate group of drinkers-including Tandleman and Eddie, the eager, legal beagle brave the cold night air of Ramsbottom. Lancashire brewer Thwaites had created some test brews and wanted volunteers to give some feedback. Or that’s what we were led to believe, anyway. As it turned out, the experience was much more mundane than we’d hoped for.

The Rose & Crown was already busy when we arrived. Seems anyone could walk just walk in and take part-so much for selected taste panels. And they weren’t trialling new beers either. Our table of three got four halves amongst us, only one of which turned out to be a Thwaites beer. The other three beers turned out to be the likes of Deuchars and Greene King, although this wasn’t revealed till after the tasting. Seems what they wanted was simply an indication as to what beers people liked to drink. Of course, they could have simply asked-but that would have been too simple. The marketing people obviously thought a pointless charade preferable.

And, to add insult to injury, the reward for dragging yourself up the hill on a Tuesday night was the chance to then purchase Greene King, Deuchars at £2 a pint. With Golden Pippin on sale for £2 down at the Good Sam, this didn’t seem like such a bargain. We were then presented with the hardest beer quiz I’ve ever had-Stopwatch Sid stand aside-but our pride remained intact as we swept to victory. As Tandleman made his way back to Tandleman Towers, the stragglers settled in the Grants for some Moorhouses and a chance to reflect on a rather odd evening.


Tandleman said…
As Tandleman made his long, tiring and bladder bursting trip back by way of two buses and some dodgy council estates etc. would have been more accurate.

Quite a weird night indeed.

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