Under Pressure

According to today’s papers, Brits binge drink because they are high achievers. Prof. Anna van Wersch has conducted a survey and come to the conclusion that “there is a lot of pressure to do well, whilst observing correct behaviour and keeping emotions under control.” So, to let off steam, people get lashed-my phrasing, not the professor’s. And I always thought it was because they like it. Rather tellingly, she noted that in a “dry” culture such as Britain, people abstain during the week and then binge at weekends. In “wet” cultures, such as Holland, they drink with their meals etc and so avoid “binge” peaks.

Unfortunately, the study only involved 20 women and 12 men, so is hardly conclusive. Helpfully, there was also a guide as to what constitutes “binge” drinking. For the record, for men, it’s five consecutive standard drinks in one sitting. Women are only allowed four before they are classed as “binge” drinkers. Hmmm. I must be a binge, binge drinker, then.


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