When Lancashire Meets Germany

When is a weisse beer not a weisse beer? When it’s Leydenweisse. Yes local brewer Leyden are continuing their German theme with this Lancashire twist on a German style. Following the less than successful Leydenbrau, this is a very pale beer with an old egg aroma. Luckily the beer doesn’t taste as bad as it smells and, if anything, is too bland. Certainly it doesn’t resemble any weisse beer I’ve ever had.

Still, it’s an improvement on the infamous Leydenhosen. This was an early Leyden attempt at a continental style and premiered at the Hare & Hounds festival. It was an unforgettable beer-closely resembling line cleaner and remains the strangest beer I’ve ever tasted. The mere mention of it brings a grimace to the face of those in the know. The landlord still has the pumpclip and for those who think it’s an urban myth, here it is.


Paul said…
Do you have a macro ability on your camera? That looks horribly out of focus...
Tyson said…
It was taken by my camera phone in very dark conditions, hence the poor quality.

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