Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around

Breathe easy-for now. A small victory for Scottish drinkers was scored last night as plans for minimum pricing and bans on drinks promotions were shown the red card. Opposition MSPs have united to block the SNP’s attempt to bring in legislation via the backdoor-i.e. amending existing legislation. They quite rightly argue that such controversial measures need to be fully aired and come before parliament as separate legislation. In which case, it would be next year before any legislation could be enacted. And everyone knows that’s a long time in politics.

The SNP have pledged that they will continue to try and sneak the measure through, but the joys of minority government make this currently unlikely. Let’s hope so, anyway.


captain scarlet said…
Brilliant if it comes to pass. I've always admired the SNP but they're way off with this proposal.

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