Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)

The latest crackpot attempt at prohibition comes from Professor Ian Gilmore. The prof, being a liver expert, is naturally worried about the state of our organs. He’s concerned that too much emphasis has been placed on alcohol’s (alleged), link with anti-social behaviour and not enough on the health risks. His solution? Grant councils the right to refuse licences on health grounds. This would create drink-free zones as health blackspots are targeted. Unfortunately for local drinkers, Manchester and Rochdale would be affected by any such plans as they top the naughty table. I can just picture hordes of thirsty drinkers trampling across borders in order to get their booze fix.

Interestingly, the drinkers of Middleton are apparently the most likely to be admitted to hospital for alcohol related reasons. Now Middleton just happens to be the domain of Tandleman. Hmmm...


Woolpack Dave said…
Na, surely Tandleman is indestructible, might be other people trying to keep up with him though.
Curmudgeon said…
I often think a lot of this is intended to soften the public up, so when some lesser form of restriction is announced people will say "phew, that's not so bad, then."

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