Carling Calling (Or Should That Be Calling Carling)

Carling are joining the Axe The Tax campaign and have put a link to it on their webpage. But what intrigued me is that they apparently get half a million hits a month. Now that’s a lot. Probably nearly as many as me. But since we know –and I make no apologies for being “elitist” here, or upsetting the new militant keggers-it’s shite, why do people log onto it?

Of course there was only one way to find out... and it’s still a mystery. Very wisely they avoid talking much about the actual beer and seem to concentrate on music and football. Although we do learn that they’ve been using British barley for 30 years. No mention of what they used before, I note. Still, nothing too exciting and I can only put its success down to the “Google effect.”

The Carling page on Wikipedia used to be quite funny, with them getting the blame for the decline in male fertility. Sadly, now it reads just like an advert.


Woolpack Dave said…
Surely a decline in the fertility of Carling drinkers can only be a good thing. Oh, perhaps I'm being elitist too.

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