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Friday, 13 March 2009

Dream A Little Dream

More (possibly), good news for the trade with the latest ruling from the European Commission. They’ve agreed that member states can lower VAT rates in certain sectors. This includes pub and restaurant meals. So, and it’s a big if, the government decide to go down that route, pubs could soon be charging VAT as low as five percent.

Now this concession could have even bigger implications. CAMRA see this as a chink of light and hopes to bring more relief to beleaguered drinkers and publicans alike. They will be campaigning (yes they do do that), for the EC to allow a drop in duty on beer sold in pubs. Well, we can all dream, can't we?


Woolpack Dave said...

Wow, that is potentially good. Have you any links to the story?

Tyson said...

It was being discussed, appropriately enough, in the pub. Its online at


Woolpack Dave said...

TA, Mr Postie hasn't delivered my copy yet.......

tigger said...

It's potentially great news.But can we expect the government to allow it?