Freedom Come Freedom Go

Let’s hear it for freedom fighter Nick Gibson. For he fought the law. And won. Prospective landlord Mr Gibson objected to the police’s insistence that he install CCTV in order to obtain a licence for his pub. He felt that filming everyone entering and leaving his pub-the Drapers Arms in Islington, would be an infringement of their civil liberties. After all, they were only going about their everyday lawful activities.

The Information Commissioner’s Office took on the case, writing to the Met warning them that blanket installation of CCTV in pubs “raised serious privacy concerns.” Mr Gibson duly got his licence and the ICO have pledged to pursue the matter with both the police and the government. Because what’s at stake here is the presumption of innocence. Should every pub, regardless of its record be forced to spy on law abiding customers? Or should CCTV be a targeted measure? If the government gets its way, it will be yet another condition that licensees have to meet. And there’s already too many of them.

Meanwhile, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi, has been jailed for three years for failing to hit George Bush with his shoes. I shudder to think of his sentence should he have actually managed to hit the poor old boy.


Woolpack Dave said…
I of course agree with you. I have however got a CCTV system because we've been got too many times by non-law abiding citizens. However, it is not a condition of my licence and neither should it be of anyone's unless there is a track record of offences in a particular establishment.
Anonymous said…
Frankly it does infringe civil liberties.Working behind the bar you are very thankful they are there.If there were less twats out there especially at the weekends I would love to see them go,sadly it is not the case.

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