Got Your Money

Well I knew he was fleecing me, but seeing it in black and white really brings it home. Thanks to the marvellous Beer Tax-O-Meter, you can see just how much Mrs Darling’s son is milking you for. Based on an average week’s beer consumption, I’m putting £1622 a year in his pocket. And if the government implements its planned increase, this will rise to £2288. And that's just from beer. No wonder he looks so bloody smug.


Woolpack Dave said…
Bah, you beat me. Must increase my consumption.
barry said…
I feel like a wimp. I only scored 730.Still too much tax tho'.
Wilf in the vault said…
Pathetic - it stops at 99!

sean said…
£1014.Never thought it would be over a grand that the greedy bastard gets me for.We need a reduction now!
captain scarlet said…
What worries me is that they actually intend to increase it very shortly. They really are cheeky bastards.

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