I Shall Be Free

But let’s not be too hard on our haggis chomping cousins. For England has got its own problems. Not least the government’s determination to press on with its vote-winning ID cards con. Further details of how they intend to fleece the ordinary citizen have now emerged. And it doesn’t look good.

There will be fines of up to £1000 for people who lose their cards and fail to report it within a month. It looks like being an expensive future for me-but how will they know? If I turn up and say I lost it yesterday, will the goons of Prinz-Albrecht-Street take you in for questioning?

A new card will then set you back £30, bringing in an estimated £33 million for the Treasury. However, it’s noticeable that the government do not fine themselves. Not surprising, as Whitehall departments lose an average of 23 passes a day. The MOD alone managed to misplace 11,245 items in one year. An insult to democracy (and good sense), you might think. But what else to expect from a government that welcomes emissaries from the People’s Dictatorship of China with open arms.


Just the idea of a British ID card make me weep blood. The very idea that we have to carry a card to justify our existence in our own country to these bloody idiots ...

As someone else said: "We can make the terrorists carry ones with a red border".

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