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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

If Only All Pubs Were Like Manchester Central

It’s no good putting it off. It’s that time again. Yes, here comes that man again. It’s time for my rounds of all the pubs in the Bury licensing area. It’s going to be tough this year with other commitments pressing but life ain’t all beer and dominoes. Of course, it would be nice if the local authority provided me with the information instead of the other way round, but some essential services you just can’t get on the rates.

But before tackling that, I had a little day out with the Northern Restaurant & Bar Show in Manchester Central. I did try a little beer (and cider) whilst there, including the very Leesy Coronation St offering, but mainly concentrated on the wine tastings. It did take some logistics as they seemed to be every half hour. But I’m nothing if not dedicated.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Spanish reds and the Lebanese contingent were an eye opener, but the star for me was the “Giving Pinot Grigio the X Factor” tasting. I don’t know about the X Factor, but I certainly gave it some welly. Fortified with some Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding, I staggered out of there and faced the shock of having to pay for drinks in the local taverns.

First stop was the Waterhouse which surprised me with some excellent Hawkshead Lakeland Gold. Now that could have been it for the night but for a desire to check out the Bank. There, snuggled against the Fullers London Pride, was Brewdog Trashy Blonde. This is a favourite amongst hopheads and signalled the end of the tour. Well a blonde in the hand...

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