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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Lightning Crashes

Some bad news for those liking a strong drink AND a link to Britain’s cultural past. Tramp’s and kids in parks favourite White Lightning is being reduced in volume from 7.5% to a mere 5.5%. Apparently they want to give consumers a “responsible choice.” Ah, but will they be reducing the price?


Parkbencher said...

Frosty Jack's it will have to be, then.

Anonymous said...

what ru goin to drink in Kay Gardens now alex?

alex said...

ive heard that dean loves it so much he's going to put it on in the trackside.

Anonymous said...

is dean the fit one at the trackside?

Tandleman said...

No. That's Don Ricardo. Oops. No that's not it.

Anonymous said...

nah its mick.well thats what dean says anyway.