Householders are living in too warm houses, according to a report by our masters in Westminster. Shockingly domestic properties account for 27% of all CO2 emissions. If government figures for cutting greenhouse gasses are to be met, this needs to drop. The report urges not only more action to make homes more energy efficient (sensible) but, somewhat bizarrely, the need to tackle “the desire to live in warmer homes.” Hmmm.

To me, this smacks of picking on an easy target and passing the buck to them. And once again that easy target is me. And you. People should use less electricity etc sounds very much along the lines of forcing people to pay a tax for daring to fly away on holiday. It’s simpler than the government actually tackling the roots of any problem.

But shouldn’t the government be addressing these problems? In the 21st century shouldn’t they be finding ways so we can use MORE electricity, not less? And hold on, if homes make up 27% of carbon emissions, that’s a whopping 73% that does the rest. My O-level in maths tells me that 73 is much bigger than 27, so let’s get things in proportion. It’s all very well doing “your bit” but unless the big picture is addressed, it’s like collecting iron railings in the war-pointless. Is there a real desire for change, or is it just another case of being seen to do something? I know which one I’d bet on.


sian said…
Aren't cows to blame for a lot of the hot air in the atmosphere?
Tyson said…
No, that's politicians.

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