A Place In The Sun

Time for the strange pub story of the week. Customers and staff at the Pub in the Square in Buckie, Banffshire developed sunstroke after a manager accidentally replaced blue strip lights with ultraviolet tanning tubes.

Emma McLean installed the tubes behind the bar, leaving unsuspecting staff and regulars exposed for hours. This is far longer than the recommended dosage and led to dizziness and several instances of burns and peeling skin. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said it was the first time they’d ever heard of such an incident, admitting “It's not the kind of thing you hear about every day.” Now, I expect the pub to be hit with several claims for compensation and perhaps Ms McLean will soon be looking for another job?

Last word, though, has to go to Buckie councillor Gordon McDonald, who said: "It's very rare for anyone to be getting sunburnt in Buckie at this time of year.”


Woolpack Dave said…
Great idea, I think I'll order some UV tubes and some sand then at least if we get a wet summer again people can stay in my bar and pretend to be on the beach.
black flag said…
Very funny.
Paul Garrard said…
I hope the poor people are okay. As a person that's had skin cancer this is actually scary!
Woolpack Dave said…
ANY cancer is scary. I have an uncle who is in remission from tongue cancer, potentially as a result from drinking too much....that is really scary....and that is only the start of the story with my family. I understand what you are saying Paul.

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