Pleasant Valley Sunday

After Saturday’s exertions at the beer festival-I was second in the queue waiting for the doors to open-I planned a quiet day of needlework. But Eddie, the eager, legal beagle had other plans. Seems the Manx Minx was celebrating National Manx Bee Gees Day. The Gibb Brothers are considered living gods amongst their fellow Manx kin and every year a day is set aside to give ritual thanks. As this mainly consists of marching round the house, dressed in animal skins, singing “O Land of Our Birth”, Eddie was keen to get away.

I suggested a few cans of Carling in the park, but he wasn’t having any of it. He insisted we boldly go where no man (well not many, anyway) has gone before-the Robin Hood in Helmshore on the bus. So it was that we found ourselves on a magical mystery tour of the back roads of Rosendale. Now I thought Eddie was flaunting his manly toughness when he appeared on the jitney sans jacket, with only a shirt for comfort. But it seems not. Having quickly popped out for the Minx’s potions, he found himself stranded on the doorstep, unable to catch his beloved’s ear and therefore unable to gain access. As time was pressing, it was a case of leave the goods and dash for the bus. That’s the problem with having a cavernous mansion. One word for you, Eddie, doorbell. Get one.

Still, he did bring that most important of tools with him-a good strong drinking arm. And very busy it was, as we sampled the full range of Copper Dragon beers. More than once, actually. Fully refreshed, we hailed a local remise and headed for the Hare & Hounds. It's always good to have a choice of 40 beers for a nightcap. Here our jaded palates were given a tune up by some excellent beers. Darkstar American Pale Ale lived up to its name, delivering a delightful crisp hop bite. Equally good, but different, was Oakham Tera. This was copper in colour and was bursting with juicy malt, and a citrus and blackcurrant hop bite. Both very moreish.

Being completely beered out by now, we finally turned our attention to food and the drinkers’ favourite-curry. Step forward, Sriti, who delivered up the necessary nourishment. Eddie enjoyed his Agra Special, although the last time I saw anything that red was last time when I gave blood.


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