Skol, Skol, Skol

Great news for lovers of retro, as Skol is set to make a comeback.Following the trend for 4% lager that Stella and Becks have established, comes the imaginatively titled Skol 4. Brewed exclusively by Daniel Thwaites, it’s described as being “contemporary.” Without a trace of a smile, Sue Allen, commercial director at Thwaites, said: “Skol in the on-trade is well-known to pub goers having been held in very high regard by lager drinkers over many years.”

Of course I’m sure it’s much better now, but I can’t say it was held in very high regard when I use to drink it in the Two Tubs. At 68p it was slightly cheaper than Tuborg and therefore the choice for the impoverished and desperate. It was truly awful and when you were sick after one too many Skol Snakebites, your puke was a bright orangey yellow colour.

The best thing about Skol was their campaign featuring Hagar the Horrible. Sadly, he won’t be making a comeback, having been killed by the fun police. However, his legend lives on. Altogether now, Skol, Skol, Skol.


sean said…
Did you ever try Skol Super Strength?
Woolpack Dave said…
Aw, tell me it's not true, Hagar The Horrible DEAD?
Tyson said…
I'm glad to report that Hagar is alive and well. Sadly, just not allowed to promote Skol anymore.

As for Skol Super Stregth, I use that to clean my paint brushes.
Beanie said…
A major part of my drinking in the 80s.

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