Who's Laughing Now?

On my weekly shoplifting trip through Tesco, I came across the special Comic Relief edition of Morrissey Fox’s Blonde beer. 25p a bottle goes to good causes. Or does it? As the Pub Curmudgeon recently reminded us, the whole things a con. Apart from the questionable tactics of moral blackmail that the campaign uses, the choice of where your money goes is completely out of your hands. Now I cottoned onto this long ago, but many people are still ignorant of the truth. Comic Relief (and therefore you) actually help fund a group that is dedicated to destroying the British way of life. An insidious organisation, it will stop at nothing until its evil aims are accomplished.

Who is this group, you might ask. Al Quiada? No, Alcohol Concern. These moral terrorists are government funded and yet expect ordinary folk to contribute to their coffers via Comic Relief. The very people who Alcohol Concern wish to make miserable. And pubs who contributed were, in effect, contributing money to their sworn enemy. As Archimedes did when he threw a handful of kopecks in the barmaid’s apron on Friday. When he realises he may have given sustenance to people who would stop his only pleasure in life, I expect him to demand a refund.

What we need is a new organisation to counter the prohibitionist Alcohol Concern. Who’s for Alcohol Unconcerned?


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