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Monday, 6 April 2009

Cask Ale Week

Well it’s National Cask Ale Week. Dave has already voiced his concerns over it and having been in Manchester for its launch today, I’m not surprised. It does seem to have a rather haphazard approach with a definite bias for the big players. Clearly not enough has been done to make it more inclusive and whilst there are big champions of cask backing it-Robinsons, Hydes and Lees, you also have Carlsberg.

Many pubs aren’t taking part and the list of ones that are is somewhat surprising. And at least one of the local pubs that are apparently taking part doesn’t even sell cask! Timing seems a bit odd as well. They suggest you visit a brewery on Fri 10th April. That’s Good Friday. Surely not the best time to try and visit a brewery, if just for the fact that most will be shut.

A good idea, but next year’s needs much more thought put into it.

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