Happy Birthday To You

After the exertions of the New Oxford beer festival on Friday, there was just time for a breather before the main event on Saturday. Yes, Eddie Snr was celebrating turning 70. Or rather he wasn’t, as it was a surprise party organised by Eddie, the eager, legal beagle. Luckily the old guy’s ticker proved up to the shock of 100+ people shouting “surprise” at him. Indeed his diet of Juju leaves and rice is paying off as he is very good fettle for his age. Taking to the high-wire to prove the point though, was taking it a bit too far, I thought.

Whitefield Bowling Club had never seen the like. Certainly the staff struggled to get to grips with real ale as they usually dispense only Lees Smooth. Eddie had put on a veritable hop feast, but with the amount of drunks Eddie Snr knows, it was only a matter of time before the pumps started drying up.

First to go was Darkstar Hophead and then my favourite, Brewdog Trashy Blonde. Or Mophead and Sassy Blonde as the barmaid liked to refer to them. Next to go was Outstanding Blonde and then, almost perfectly timed, Durham Magus.

A good night out with the highlight probably being Don Ricardo trying to snog the Lady Mayoress.


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