Here Comes The Lager

Interesting news that British lager could soon have an image makeover. Freedom Brewery, based in Staffordshire, are canvassing potential members of LOBI. That would be Lagers of the British Isles. The idea is to do to for lager what CAMRA has done for real ale. And I don’t mean lumber it with an image of bearded weirdoes.

So far brewers Hepworth, Brewdog and Cotswold have all been approached, as well as SIBA. Freedom sales manager, Mike Knight, is a man on a mission: “Our challenge is to let British bar owners, the British public and indeed the world, know that they can sell and drink micro-brewed British lagers with confidence.”

A good idea in theory, but how easy will it to be get the message across and take on the big boys at their game? I see stormy waters ahead.


Proper Real Keg in action once again. This will then trinkle down to quality keg ales, aka Proper Real Keg. Write it down!
Phil said…
This is nothing to with "proper real keg" whatever that is.This is about expanding choice and bringing lager lager drinkers the choices that Camra has done for real ale.
pete said…
but surely even proper will still be keg and therefore served very cold.
No, Proper Real Keg doesn't have to served very cold and this has everything to do with Proper Real Keg. These lagers will be several notches up in quality, and will also be kegged. My guess is they'll be pushed with extraneous co2, which is your friend. Once this happens, UK brewers will start creating high quality ales in kegs, thus Proper Real Keg. I'd also like to see some Proper Real Nitro.
Don said…
If they're not served cold, why bother? What I mean is that in summer you might fancy a cold one and that's when keg/lager comes into its own. If its the same temp as real ale, why would I want to buy it? And for that matter why bother to go to all bother of pasteurising etc. Why kill it and inject gas? Is it because some brewers are lazy?
RedNev said…
We've already got proper real keg (Carlsberg, Fosters, etc) and proper smooth flow (John Smith's, Guinness, etc). They are not quality products, but then as a CAMRA member I know that not all real ales are quality products either.

A hundred years ago there was little or no gas pressure involved in serving beer, as the technology wasn’t widely available. Presumably pilsner and other continental beers were served by hand pump or gravity and, if we are to believe the provenance claimed in some of their adverts, had been for hundreds of years. What happened to all those traditional styles?

If this LOBI takes off, and results in lagers produced as they were before the gas manufacturers got in on the act, then it might be interesting.

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