House Of Fun

After months of careful planning-well a week, anyway, it was time for the big event. Elephants, tightrope walkers and performing seals could only mean one thing: Don Ricardo’s housewarming.

For once the sun shone at Easter, offering a little window of al fresco drinking. Here we could sit and admire the specially constructed outdoor cask cellar whilst being only a handpull away from the three beers on offer. Hawkshead Lakeland Gold and Marble Pint were squarely aimed at hop fans while Robinsons Dizzy Blonde offered a more rounded taste sensation.

Despite the limitations of it being Easter weekend, a hard core of freeloaders, I mean real ale aficionados, had made the journey. Jack & Jill had travelled all the way from Mordor. The Whitefield Holts Bandit surprised everyone by eating, whilst Pineapple Pete surprised no one by doing his Oliver act and ensuring his plate was never empty.

However all good things must come to an end and eventually, stuffed with beer, cheese and chilli, it was time to leave. My only regret was by concentrating on the beer, I hadn’t been able to do Weston’s Old Rosie justice. Maybe next time.


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