If I Were A Woman...

Well it would lead to cheaper drinks, anyway. Or it would have done if some people hadn’t had a sense of humour failure. For one Newcastle bar, Sinners, had a very generous offer. Any ladies willing to flash their top half would receive free drinks. Hats off (or should that be tops) to the Geordies-they certainly know how to have a good time, despite their strange liking for brown beer.

However, the dark side of the force is strong, Luke and usually materialises in the form of some killjoy or other. In this case, former minister Denis MacShane. For those who don’t know him, Mr MacShane has quite a bit of previous. He loves to stick his nose into private areas that the state should leave well alone and is constantly “outraged” by one thing or another.

Yesterday he couldn’t wait to share his “outrage” with Licensing minister Gerry Sutcliffe. Prudish MacShane huffed, “Are you aware of one of these horrible places called Sinners in Newcastle, where young University of Newcastle students went recently and saw a notice saying 'Whoever shows her ... the word begins with T and ends with S ... to the bar staff gets a free short. Girls only?” “Suck Up” Sutcliffe pretended to be equally appalled, but bleated that the government had legislation in place to deal with such heinous acts.

Cravenly caving into this moral blackmail, bar owners Ladhar were quick to blame a rogue element and the offer was quickly removed. Possibly the worst bit was Denis commending some students for organising a boycott and a demo of said establishment. Further proof, in my book, of how far student standards have fallen over the years.


brian said…
Banned? Should be compulsory surely?
linda said…
Think of all the shoe money you've saved.
Anonymous said…
the 'matter' was originally taken to the university student newspaper by the 'young lady' that macshane congratulates... and who also happens to be his stuck up daughter

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