Look What They've Done To My Sweets, Ma

Where will it all end? That’s what consumers were left wondering today after the latest shock announcement. Economy down the toilet, rising unemployment, astronomical beer taxation and now this. Yes, the makers of nostalgic-friendly Sherbet Fountain are abandoning its traditional paper packaging.

Sherbet Fountain has been helping keep children (and adults), nourished since 1925. How many generations have faced the same age old conundrum-how to extract the fizzy concoction from a soggy tube with the (usually stale) liquorice straw. Now a plastic resealable tube is to be introduced as “customers wanted a more hygienic pack that can also be resealed.” Now call me sceptical, but were they really inundated with letters from children demanding more hygienic packaging? I don’t think so.

Of course some will see this as merely the latest attack on the cornerstones of British greatness. Frankly, the writing was on the wall when ethically-challenged Nestle callously abandoned years of culture and sensibility and introduced the ridiculous Smarties “hexatube.” And what is the Culture Secretary doing about all this? Nothing.


Dave25 said…
It all started to go wrong when the idiots at Nestle changed the foil and paper wrapper on KitKats to a crummy plastic wrapper.

Running a fingernail down the foil between the fingers of the KitKat was all part of the pleasure.
Tyson said…
Yes, the bastardisation of Kit Kat was indeed a heinous crime.
ChrisM said…
In fact, ever since it was no longer the Rowntree KitKat... ;-)

I don't like licquorice so I used to dump the stick and down the sherbert in a couple of gobfulls!
RedNev said…
I'd like to see all those letters of protest signed, "Disgusted Toddler, Tunbridge Wells".
Paul Garrard said…
There is/was only one way to eat a sherbet fountain: 1-remove the licourice, 2-eat the licourice, 3-tear off the loose paper above the start of the tube, 4-put tube up to gob and tilt head back, 5-enjoy.
Tandleman said…
As often is the case, Paul's got it spot on!
Paul Garrard said…
Thanks Tandleman!

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