Losing My Religion

Those killjoys at the ASA have done it again. They’re not known for their sense of humour and if an advert is likely to entertain or amuse, chances are it will be banned.

This time the axe has fallen on a flyer from Club Fire in Ipswich. It probably seemed like a good idea to use John Paul 11 in an advert-you can use his image for free and you can’t libel the dead. And they probably thought his miserable-sod image could do with a makeover. But the thought of bringing a smile to an Ipswichian’s face proved too much for the ASA and so the flyer has been shredded. Mind you, the free publicity can’t have done them any harm.


Tandleman said…
Racist. This is clearly a go at Polish people and stereotyping them as miserable.

Shame on you. You should walk out.
Tyson said…

I'm sick of you Popists telling me what to do.

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