Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner...

No real surprise in the latest results from a poll commissioned for Cask Ale Week by Greene King. 50% of those polled didn’t know that cask ale was a pub only product, but that means half did. Not brilliant but better than I’d expect, actually. Now 10% did think it was a type of lager but there you go.

Even less surprising was the revelation that it’s the 18-24 age bracket that knows least about cask, with 10% believing that milk and chocolate are amongst its ingredients. If only, eh. It’s sad that half of the people didn’t know that barley is an ingredient, but impressive that three-quarters knew that hops are.

Problem is, we don’t know if these were pub drinkers that were surveyed or just a random cross-section of the populous. Either way, it confirms what every serious drinker knows: Londoners know least about cask (20% think it’s a lager), whilst Yorkshire drinkers know most-well they’ll tell you they know most about most things, anyway.


elvis said…
But did they ask them about "cask" or "real ale?" I'm betting that more people would have heard of real ale rather than cask.After all camra is about real ale.
Gazza Prescott said…
Camra are about money these days and feck-all to do with beer - you read their rag recently? Written by people who know nor care nowt for micro-brewed beer.

Sad, but then again they did their job 20 years ago and have been largely irrelevant since then IMO.

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