Never Mind The Pollacks

Just when you thought April Fools was over, Sainsbury’s come along with a late entry. The supermarket chain is rebranding Pollack as Colin (pronounced co-lan) because consumers are apparently too embarrassed to ask for pollack. Eh? They’ve even had Wayne Hemmingway in on the act, helping with the radical makeover of the packaging.

They claim it’s aimed at getting people to take the cheap, plentiful Pollack seriously as an alternative to the endangered cod. But it ain’t just the fish that smells here. I see a marketing gimmick and free publicity. There is a reason why it’s cheap and plentiful-it isn’t as good as cod, or haddock, in my opinion. And selling it by its French name is simply wrong. I say bring on round three of the Cod Wars. Anyway, you can now get sustainable Atlantic cod and there’s plenty of Pacific cod around as well.

Pollack as Colin? Je crois que non!


Tandleman said…
Only pillocks like pollacks eh?
Tyson said…
I'm all for choice, but the pro pollack camp cannot go unchallenged.
linda said…
Pollack is a very versatile fish as it can be added to many dishes. However, that useful blandness has got to count against it in terms of the cod/haddock comparison.

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