Paint A Vulgar Picture

A lot of local publicity was given recently to the (unexpected) closure of town centre boozer The Duke of Clarence. Why, I don’t know. Much better pubs close all the time without a write up in the local rag. Considering its position, Enterprise (for once) are probably telling the truth when they claim it will reopen under new management. Despite its reputation, the "Clari" did have its uses-mainly in keeping its regulars out of decent pubs. Worryingly they now have been let loose on the general populous and seem to be favouring the Trackside. Why is anyone’s guess.

This led to a walkout last week as a group of loudmouth Clarence regulars, getting tanked up on perry, was spoiling a quiet night’s drinking. You couldn’t blame the minimum-wage young barmaid. Sadly there was no one senior on hand to ask them to tone it down. Or ideally show them the door. Trackside regulars are hoping they don’t develop a fondness for perry, otherwise even the reopening of the DOC may not save them.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note that with the George also closed (again); it’s nearly a clean sweep for real ale in Bury centre. It’s the awful keg dives that are struggling. Now if only the White Lion would close, or come back to the real ale fold, we could claim 100% cask compliance.


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