Quiz Night At The Trackside

With Easter on the horizon, it was time for reflection and quiet contemplation. And a drink. It seems like everyone else had the same idea as me, as the Trackside was practically bursting at the seams. How dare people treat this time of year as an excuse to get tanked up. And, as Eddie, the eager, legal beagle pointed out, why is it we never see them at any other time. Holiday drinkers, eh?

The problem of finding a seat was quickly solved. The problem in finding a good beer proved sadly more difficult. With the landlord having an aversion to hops, the choice was Stout, Mild or blandness. Fullers Chiswick was as dull as dishwater-I never drink it when I’m in London and if it’s all like this, then I’m unlikely to start. Kinver Pail was better but hardly set the tastebuds alight. And the best thing about the Cottage was the pumpclip-well it did raise a titter or two.

The Happydaze cider would have been good but it had run out, so it was time for Kuppers and Jever. However, the evening wasn’t destined for a happy ending as, bizarrely, it was soon time for a quiz. Thursday is now apparently quiz night. Not a good idea in a small one-roomer like the Trackside at anytime and certainly not on the last working day of a holiday weekend. Non participants were expected to keep quiet. So, on that note and with the Jever exhausted, we took our leave.


frank said…
So breast wasn't best on this occasion?

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