Rich Man Poor Man

As you relax this Easter Monday, spare a thought for our masters at Westminster. Times are tough and it seems MPs are worried about the credit crunch. Before the Easter break, they managed to put their concerns to the Finance Committee and then did a runner before the proverbial hits the fan.

The reason for their angst? Prospective price rises in the bars and canteens of the Commons. They’ve demanded “a subsidy level of 41% of operating costs.” And whilst supermarket food prices are on average 18.2% more expensive than last year, our betters beg for mercy. Apparently “any price increase should be no more than 5% on any item in one year.”

After all, the Commons is getting very expensive these days for underpaid MPs. Fosters is now £2.10 a pint and if you want a Chicken Biryani to go with that, that’ll be another £2.40. If it goes on like this, soon some of them won’t be able to afford second homes. And I for one couldn’t live with that guilt on my conscience


Woolpack Dave said…
Oh yes, MP's do such a wonderful job, after all the country is in such good shape. Of course they should have beer, food and second homes subsidised in exchange for our wonderfully complex laws.
RedNev said…
Coincidentally, I did an item on this very recently on my own blog. MPs got a 43% subsidy on their booze in the year 2007-2008, which cost us taxpayers £5.5 million. This figure was not published in the House of Commons Annual Accounts. The rest of us are subjected to the beer tax escalator. I found my information at:
Tyson said…
Interesting stuff. I think we're all agreed that MPs perks of subsidised food and drink simply cannot be justified.

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