Tie Me Kangaroo Down

Another day, another new pub. Well, newish. I remember the Bowling Green from many years ago when, I think, it sold a somewhat variable selection of the Whitbread range of real ale. Having heard it was under new ownership and being in the area, I took the opportunity to check it out.

It’s definitely improved on its recent form and it needed to. It’s in a strange position, tucked away round the corner from the Manchester Royal Infirmary, but lacking any really obvious customer base. The new management have taken it in the right direction, in my opinion. That is major on good beer and food.

There is a very reasonable selection of real ale, but the pub’s real USP is its food. This is not a “gastropub” by any stretch, merely an ordinary boozer. And yet the burger/sausage menu is the best I’ve seen in Manchester. Ostrich, Kangaroo, are pretty rare in the local pubs anyway, but Kudu and Impala are unique in my experience. I had the Tarragon & Mushroom sausage and mash combination, which was excellent value at £5.95.

A pub that deserves to do well as it’s really trying to go that extra mile.


Curmudgeon said…
IIRC it was a Greenalls pub back in the dim and distant past.
Tyson said…
I think I dimly recall that, but by the time I was a regular drinker there, it was Boddingtons etc.

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