To Tie Or Not To Tie Part Deux

Seems that there could finally be some action on the beer tie front. CAMRA are considering using their “super complainant status” to query the OFT about its role. This is all dependant on the forthcoming report by the Business and Enterprise Committee (BEC) recommending a referral to the OFT in the first place. But if it does, CAMRA can use its position to get an OFT response much quicker (no surprise here), than simply leaving it to the government. One of the options available to the OFT is to conduct a market study of the beer tie and its impact on the industry. Something that’s long overdue, in my opinion.


Woolpack Dave said…
That would certainly make CAMRA popular with me. I agree, a review by the OFT is long overdue.

Leaving it to government will achieve nothing.
JJ said…
I'm amazed it's taken this long.Why on earth wasn't this done long ago? You would have thought that it's the first thing the OFT would have done.

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