To Tie Or Not To Tie

MP Lindsay Hoyle has tabled an EDM calling on the government to outlaw the pub tie. The Chorley MP sat on the committee that last year investigated the role of the pubco and whilst that report isn’t published till after Easter, it’s clear what conclusions she has come to. This is a topic much loved by the beer blogging fraternity and no doubt this move (and the subsequent report), will generate much comment.

My position has always been that the tie does need reform and possible abolition in the case of the large pubcos, but in itself it isn’t inherently bad. However, well thought out reform is something government’s aren’t very good at and should they eventually decide to act, no doubt they will make a fist of it.


Curmudgeon said…
Yes, the notorious "Beer Orders" were a prime example of those "well thought out reforms". Something that looked good on paper but ended up having almost exactly the opposite effect to that intended.
Tyson said…
Whilst on hand I would like government intervention in the pub industry, my experience tells me that it would only be a disaster.
Tandleman said…
The Pub Co model is falling apart, but will it fall apart before it brings most of the trade down with it?

The Beer Orders were (mostly)a disaster.
John's New Blog said…
Wouldn't all franchise operations such as MacDonalds have to go then?...Why pick on Pubs?
Tyson said…
Well I don't think pubs are franchises as MacDonalds are, but it still doesn't make the tie wrong.

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