Ce restaurant n'est pas aussi bon que le Mc.Donalds'

Britain lost the Hundred Years War and our French cousins are still showing us the way. While our moribund government persists in increasing national misery by imposing zealot taxation levels on man’s greatest discovery-alcohol; things are looking up over La Manche.

The French government will slash the sales tax in restaurants and cafes from 19.6% to 5.5%, with effect from July 1st. This follows the recent EU decision to allow member states to vary VAT rates, if they so wish. Of course, the UK ruling elite are too busy tucking into their subsidised Chardonnay and oysters to worry about doing the same thing over here. This cut should translate into 10% off customer’s bills and, timed to coincide with the holiday season, will no doubt have diners exclaiming merci beaucoup.


RedNev said…
Don't get me started on MPs having their booze subsidised by us to the tune of £5.5 million of taxpayers’ money in the 2007/8 financial year, equivalent to total annual tax receipts from 35 pubs. This subsidy, not published in the House of Commons’ Annual Accounts, was 15% higher than 2006/7. Oh damn! I got started!

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