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All is not well in the rarefied and usually sedate world of cheese. Forget CAMRA and cask breathers and think Asda and the Cheese Society. For the supermarket has infuriated purists by selling a rindless version of Edam. They claim it gives customers more cheese for their money and cuts down on waste. However, Kate O’Meara of the Cheese Society claimed that many cheese eaters will feel they are being robbed and that by removing its famous red wax rind, Edam loses its unique selling point.

A tricky one this, as my heart sides with the traditionalists, but I’m all for anything that gets people eating more cheese. And it appears that the rindless version is now outselling the traditional form. Which is good, but I would hate the original version to completely disappear from the cheese counters of Britain.

However, away from the Edam controversy, Asda are doing a fine job in bringing quality cheese to the masses. They’ve got a great offer on the excellent Lake District Cheese Co range. I plumped for the Extra Mature which has a wonderful flinty texture and a superbly satisfying full-on flavour. Asda are selling 400g for £2.59-reasonable for a cheese of this quality. Even better it’s 2 for £3, which is damn cheap. But children, listen to Uncle Tyson. Do not think it’s big or clever to gorge on nearly half of one when returning to your domicile after a long night on the pop. Because it’s not.

So Asda are the cheese supermarket of choice. Now step forward invidious cheese villains, Morrisons. Their Ploughman’s sandwich boasts “free range egg mayo”. Free range or not, this abomination does not belong on a ploughman’s. It’s just wrong. It’s the type of muddle headed thinking that sees so called Ploughman’s lunches served with a pork pie. I mean, come on, get a grip. And what is the government doing about these wanton criminal acts? Nothing. It’s about time they stopped trying to force feed us ID cards and sorted the Ploughman’s problem out.


Woolpack Dave said…
Cheese and chutney on a Ploughmans, surely?

I like Thornby Moor cheese, if you are to pick a cheese from Cumbria, but I don't think it gets into any supermarkets.
Tyson said…
Yes, the best Ploughman's are those that are kept simple. Thanks for the tip about Thornby Moor-I shall look out for it.
Curmudgeon said…
I always think the biggest fault in Ploughman's Lunches is an excess of salad. Big hunk of proper bread, big hunk of good English cheese, pile of pickles, what more can you want?
Philip said…
I always thought that a Ploughman's needed a large cod by the side of it ;)
Tyson said…
Yes, some "fancy" ploughman's are indeed bulked out with salad. Also a lot of places give big wedges of cheese but timy pieces of bread.
RedNev said…
One pub ploughman's I had a few years ago comprised cheese, a bit of sweet pickle, a couple of lettuce leaves and 4 pieces of sliced bread. It was really just a self-assembly sandwich.

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