Don't You Just Love Her?

Justice and liberty, or rather the lack of them, is the theme for today’s posts. First up, discredited and downright liability, Jacqui Smith. Ms Smith is a keen participant of the “let’s be more horrid, more unpopular and more useless than my predecessor” Nu-Labour game of let’s play Home Secretary. Whatever happened to the good old days of cuddly Roy Jenkins?

As she marches to electoral oblivion, she seems determined to cause as much misery on as many people as she can. Her latest ray of sunshine is that the good people of Manchester will be the guinea pigs for the ludicrous national ID card fiasco, sorry, I mean scheme. The government want to force me to have a card that I don’t want and certainly don’t need. And pay for the privilege! £30 for a useless piece of plastic and then another £30 for the right to invade my privacy. Unbelievable. And as we’ve got money to burn, the (at least), £5 billion cost isn’t even worth mentioning.

Still, I see a bright future for Ms Smith, post-election. In comedy. She warmed up with: “While private companies will clearly benefit from the increased footfall from offering this service, their customers will benefit from being able to quickly provide their biometrics while they are out doing the shopping.” That’s certainly what I want when I’m out shopping-the ability to quickly provide my biometrics.

She continued with: “With an identity card, people will be able to prove their identity quickly and conveniently while helping to protect themselves against identity fraud.” And then, like a comedy pro, she delivered the punchline-“ID cards will deliver real benefits to everyone, including increased protection against criminals, illegal immigrants and terrorists.” Ken Dodd, watch out.


Curmudgeon said…
Ooh, I'll certainly be rushing to get my ID card as soon as they become available in Greater Manchester!

Maybe they should get pubs set up to issue them...
brian said…
Jacqui Smith is an insult to the history of the Labour party.She should hang her head in shame.How she has the nerve to cling to office I don't know.
Paul Bailey said…
Do they intend to force the good citizens of Manchester to pay for and then have to carry these wretched cards? If so, how do they propose to enforce the above?

If enough people refuse to have anything to do with this ludicrous scheme then it's dead in the water before it starts. People of the North West it's time to show the rest of us what you are made of!
Dick Puddlecote said…
I have been Jacqui Smith, I'm here all week. Now for Bill and his performing ferrets.Nice article, Tyson.

The ID card scheme just gets funnier by the day. Labour appear like a Del Boy desperately trying to sell fire-damaged Chilean video recorders as a good thing while everyone at the market walks past disinterested.

When will they get the message?
jesus said…
Jacqui Smith makes me puke
Anonymous said…
Tyson, they are voluntary. It will be an utter shambles,assuming the people of Manchester are not daft enough to go along with it.
tommy said…
I think the only one of Blairs "babes" who's worth anything is Hazel Blears.
ID cards. It's hard to think of anything so deeply Un-British.

Mark Thomas in the Grauniad the other day: "It is perhaps ironic that the home secretary should seem so hellbent on collecting the nation's DNA while still reeling from the embarrassment of her husband's presumed attempts to spill his at the taxpayer's expense. "
RedNev said…
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RedNev said…
Ms Smith says ID cards will provide "increased protection against criminals, illegal immigrants and terrorists". How precisely? How would ID cards have stopped the London bombers ~ or muggers? I suppose if I were held at knifepoint at a cash machine, I could terrify my assailants by demanding to see their ID cards, causing them to say, "you've got me banged me to rights," and then flee into the darkness

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