Fit To Bust

Someone else seeking justice is Beckie Williams, founder of Facebook group Busts 4 Justice. This bunch of modern day, well endowed, suffragettes are out to right a wrong in the world of (large) brassieres. M&S apparently put a surcharge of £2 on any bra larger than a DD cup. This doesn’t wash with Ms Williams (30G) who points out that other lingerie suppliers don’t discriminate this way.

Now I’m with Beckie on this one. It’s all very well for M&S to plead that “an extra charge is required for the work involved in making larger bras”, but is it? I’m sure the machinists at the Chinese (or wherever) sweatshops are all on piecework and won’t get paid any extra for Ms Williams’s bra. And just how much extra work is there really? We need to have the facts.

Anyway, Beckie is taking it to the man. She’s bought a £3.40 share in M&S so she can confront Chairman Sir Stuart Rose about this weighty matter at the next AGM. At least she’ll be able to get it off her chest.

Update: Tyson has spoken and M&S have listened. From Saturday, all bras will be one price. Power to the people.


Curmudgeon said…
Turn the tables, and you can just imagine the Skinny Minnies (who have political correctness on their side) moaning that they are charged the same for a sliver of fabric that a fattie pays for a tent.
linda said…
Storm in a DD Cup?
jo said…
I saw her on LK.I think she's got a good case.

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