Fusiliers Beer Festival

Last night was opening night for the Fusiliers Beer Festival at Bury Town Hall. The festival is part of the fundraising efforts for the new Fusiliers museum. Bury has had a long association with the XX Lancashire Fusiliers, but the current museum site is outdated and somewhat out of sight. It’s hoped that the new town centre site will rectify these faults and put it at the heart of Bury’s cultural quarter.
Certainly the museum’s collection deserves a wider audience. Apart from information on famous fusiliers (J.R.R. Tolkien, anyone?) it boats six VC’s, including three of the “Six VC’s before breakfast” earned at Gallipoli. Anyway, back to the festival.

This is being held in the Elizabethan Suite and is being staffed by the usual keen mugs, I mean volunteers. I wish them well, but they face the usual problems with festivals of this type. All beer is on gravity and as the room is a warm one, spraying water on the casks just doesn’t quite cut it. Keeping the temperature down must be a major concern, although it was just on the side of acceptable last night. And although I liked the customised glasses, why only half pint measures?


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