Hooray For Harriet

Good news story of the day: Harriet Harman says there are “no circumstances” under which she will stand for the Labour leadership. Who says there is no God?


RedNev said…
Don't get too excited. I seem to remember every cabinet minister swearing undying loyalty to Margaret Thatcher just weeks before she was toppled in an internal Tory coup. This declaration of Harriet's probably means she's the front runner.
trevor said…
I think the papers were making a point of the "no circumstances" phrase which is apparently significant.
To go for it now would be pointless or at least stupid. The country wouldn't stand for another unelected leader and they are bound to lose the next election anyway. Let's hope a pub-loving working class party emerges from what looks like a Tory walkover - but won't hold my breath.

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