Make Mine Mild

There I was enjoying a quiet pint in the Dogs on Saturday when THEY arrived. Yes, it was a CAMRA coach, full of the great and good-Stopwatch Sid, Pythagoras, Archimedes, The Whitefield Holts Bandit (he’s not actually a member of CAMRA, but don’t tell anyone) and Rulebook Reg. Not to mention the Wallsend Wonder. To be fair, some of them seemed quite normal-well Tandleman wasn’t there.

The reason for their outing was a celebration of Mild-they were on some sort of passport trail. Now I quite like the odd glass of Mild, but as the offering here was from Boggart, I stuck to the more obvious delights of Phoenix (Arizona) and Durham (White Gem, Priors Gold). This obviously went straight to my head, as the next thing I knew I was joining them on their coach. Well it was free.

We called at the Ashton Arms in Oldham, where the Outstanding Blonde was good, before settling in at the Baum in Rochdale. This provided some excellent beer-the Phoenix Hopsack being particularly so. And Tandleman reappeared to present them with the Pub of the Year award. A visit to the Regal Moon followed (Wickwar Spring Ale) before the rump reached the Flying Horse for some under par Arizona and some so-so Landlord. A taxi was then summoned and I found myself alone and abandoned (nothing new there, then) in Bury. Naturally seeking comfort, I turned to man’s only true friends in this situation-whisky and then curry


ChrisM said…
I don't know, joining a Mild trail and not drinking any Mild...!

I was in the Tyneside Pub of the Year, the Bacchus in Newcastle, last night, and they had Dunham Massey's Light Mild on and it was spectacular!
Tyson said…
I did drink some Mild-just not the Boggart!
Richard said…
Could you recommend a few good pubs in Rochdale to try out? - I've never been but am planning a trip over from Blackburn in 2/3 weeks time. There isn't much online but I've heard good things about it.
Tyson said…

There are a couple worth visiting right in the town centre. There is the Regal Moon (JDW) next to the bus staion. Then there is the Flying Horse opposite the Town Hall and the Baum on Toad Lane.

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