A Public Service Announcement

I’ve been contacted by the Content and Community Accounts Manager for Strongbow cider. They’d like me to big up their new TV advert and say that any mention in this blog would be much appreciated. I'm always happy to remind people about Strongbow. Remind them that it’s apple concentrate with some added sweeteners and some other shit and tastes likes chemically manufactured piss.


Paul Garrard said…
So you don't like it then?
Barm said…
Ha ha! This is the way to deal with marketers pimping crappy products :)
Mark said…
Nice one!
ian said…
Guess you're off their xmas card list then.
RedNev said…
Funnily enough, only last night I was watching a band in a bar that sells no decent beer, and I had a couple of Strongbows. Straight afterwards I had to go to a pub with real ale to cleanse my palate.

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