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Bank Holidays are usually slow for news stories and sometimes there’s nothing to fill the Sunday tabloids, but yesterday’s showings were particularly lame. The News of the World tried to court controversy by its revelation that celebrity paedophile Gary Glitter is now dressing as Rolf Harris. Truly shocking. I mean, have you seen Rolf’s dress sense?

Much worse was the Sunday Mirror’s front page “exclusive”. Their shocking revelation concerned failed Apprentice wannabe, Noorul Choudhury. The science teacher had been labelled “Mr Boring” on the programme but was revealed to have a liking for...women. Yes, the unmarried Choudhury is having a relationship with a blonde. And? Well, she’s married. Obviously a national scandal-what other justification can there be for printing a photo of her.

But wait, there’s more. She’s 58. Yes, really. Imagine that. How dare a 58 year old woman have sex. Just what is the world coming to? And apparently she’s not the first older woman that Choudhury has had relations with. It’s official-he’s a “granny chaser”. And what is the government doing about it? Nothing.


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