Smells Like Teen Perry Spirit

Congratulations to Stinking Bishop, which has been officially recognised as Britain’s most pungent cheese. SB, named after the pear variety that is the source for the perry that its rind is washed in, took first place at the inaugural Britain’s Smelliest Cheese Championship. Judges at the event, held at The Royal Bath and West Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, described the cheese as smelling like a rugby club changing room. A deserved winner, it beat off stiff (or should that be smelly?) competition from Driftwood and third placed St Oswald.

Of course to anyone who has carried it home on a hot day, first on a crowded tram and then on a bus, and witnessed people looking round in bewildered disgust, the result will come as no surprise.


TIW said…
I defy any cheese to smell as bad as the manchego I left on the back seat of our car for 8 hours. It was on one of the hottest days in Spanish history.
Karen and Mark said…
Our local Waitrose sold Stinking Bishop as part of a promotion a few years ago. I bought the last piece and the look of relief on the faces of the serving staff was very amusing, and these are people who spend all day in the company of cheese!

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