They Blinded Me With Science

Meanwhile, also in France, a clash between David and Goliath has begun. The Goliath this time being the Scientology movement and David being ex-members. Now some people may see this “church” as just being full of loons and nutters, but I say hold your tongue-that would be very unfair on ordinary nutters... It’s actually full of brainwashing, money-grabbing, conmen who take advantage of the vulnerable.

In a shameful act of cowardice, the French prosecution service has refused to give the trial official sanction, thereby diminishing the chances of success. Whether this decision had anything to do with the heavy political lobbying that the money-grabbing, brainwashing, conmen initiated is anyone’s guess. And the meeting celebrity Scientology nutter, Tom Cruise, had with President Sarkozy was probably just a coincidence.

Certainly they’ve got the big guns out for the case. Chief money-grabbing, brainwashing, conmen spokesman Danièle Gounord claimed the trial was a “heresy case” and they have pledged to vigorously defend the money-grabbing, brainwashing, conmen against all and any critics.

I eagerly await my day in court...


Paul Bailey said…
L. Ron Hubbard obviously took his lead from Dr Goebbel's. The bigger lie you tell, the more likely people are to believe it.

Still, if you can con people into believing Earth was colonised eons ago by Thetons from the planet Tharg, and then persuade them to hand you fist-fulls of cash, then why not? Inventing a quasi-religion certainly beats writing science fiction for a living; or are they one and the same thing?

ps. Had better watch my step, East Grinstead isn't that far away from here!
TIW said…
Hubbard almost got run over by a train when visiting the planet Venus. Could happen.
Anonymous said…
u r dead

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