And Then Home

Sunday saw us kick off, before noon, at the Postal Order, a Wetherspoons in Worcester. It was very busy for a Sunday morning and we were greeted by the sight of local (to us) Thwaites beers on the bar. The Fruiterers Arms at Uphampton gave us some Canon Royal beers, which met with something of a mixed response-the Mild went down well with aficionados but the other beers proved less popular.

The next stop was a real gem. Coombs Wood Sports & Social Club had an impressive range of beers and offered a rare opportunity for some al fresco drinking. I hate to contradict my learned colleague, Ciderman-I mean Tandleman, but it was definitely Mauldon Silver Adder, not Ossett Silver King, we threw down our necks as quick as possible.

The Waggon & Horses in Halesowen proved a fantastic finale with an amazing array of (hooray) light, hoppy beers. Interesting to hear about plans to extend into next door, as judging by the crush at the bar, it needs to. Very friendly locals who are lucky enough to enjoy some very well kept beer. We left only after our fingers had been pried from our glasses by our leader. After that it was home time with just a quick stop in the Trackside for some much needed bladder relief.


Tandleman said…
I did wonder about that as my initial recollection was Mauldons, but I dismissed it as I didn't recall that beer being as good. I shall rewrite history!
Tyson said…
Think I've always been a bit suspicous of Mauldons in the past, but that certainly hit the mark. Maybe a case of right beer at the right time?

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