Automatic For The People

Bury town centre has gained another real ale outlet, well two, actually. Automatic, next to the Derby Hall, have installed three handpumps. Already the best bar in town, this is a welcome and natural addition to their range. As they only came online this week, only Outstanding Blond is currently on-at £2.70 a pint.

Such a momentous event cannot go uncelebrated. And the cream of Bury society (and Don Ricardo) were eager to be seen imbibing there. Eddie, the eager legal beagle, Arsenius the Great Hermit, and the Stomach all paid a visit. Not to mention local media star, Joe Stalin and his inamorata, Rosa Luxemburg. Just don't mention David Cheater.

Even more impressive are the changes to the adjacent room which used to house the Tourist Information Office. This, at some considerable cost, has been transformed into a specialist real ale and whisky bar named Malt. Four handpumps raised on wooden frames dominate the bar and you can glimpse the casks (all on auto tilt) through a glass partition.

Bury’s drinking future is looking bright. It’s looking cask...


Tandleman said…
I knew it was happening and forgot to ask you about it. Seems like it will be worth a visit.
Anonymous said…
Is that Don Ricardo sporting a delightful handbag? He's getting too comfortable with himself.
sean said…
That is one gay manbag.
Tandleman said…
Yes I think we need to know why the Rickster is showing so much of his feminine side.

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