Bewitched By Betwixt

Cask lagers, once seen as the way forward and the progressive face of real ale, seem to be on the wane. Schiehallion burst on the scene some time ago and was quickly followed by a number of imitators, all with varying degrees of success. Some were good and some were Cains. The idea seemed to be that it would convert large numbers of Fosters (and its ilk) to real ale. Except that it never did-not in large numbers, anyway. So cask lager remained within the novelty niche of cask ale and you see less of it than you used to.

I was therefore very pleased to come across a new (to me) one at the Dogs the other night. Eddie, the eager, legal beagle was back from his sojourn in Australia, where he’s been busy apparently filming I’m A Lawyer, Get Me Out Of Here. After enjoying a number of excellent beers, including the very bitter Elland Rocker, we alighted upon Betwixt Storr. This is a 4.8% cask pilsner and proved delightfully drinkable.

The problem is that beers tend to disappear quickly at the Dogs, as witnessed by Phoenix Spotland Gold which didn’t even last half a day. So returning to the scene of the crime, I was pessimistic about the chance to try it in a more sober state. Luckily it was still on and was as crisp and flavoursome as I remembered it being. Also impressive was the Hambleton (showing improvement) Pint O’ Pinto which had a nice, long bitter finish.


RedNev said…
I think the idea that Fosters drinkers would switch en masse to cask lagers was always slightly fanciful, but that doesn’t mean brewing them was a waste of time. At beer festivals, it means you can offer something to those who come in asking for lager. On a personal level, I have even uttered the unfamiliar words, "I'll have a pint of lager," without sliding between the cracks in the floor.
MicMac said…
Hi Tyson,

glad you liked the Storr.

We remain ever-hopeful that it might take over the whole macro-brew lager world, but we're realistic enough to think that it might take a while :~)

We've just started selling it in bottle too (non-BC).

Mike McG
Betwixt Beer, Birkenhead
(Betwixt The Mersey & The Dee)

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